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Under 11s XI Bulls Report

Jon Wilks

Cowbridge Under 11 Bulls

Team Manager

The Under 11 Bulls continued to develop their skills and teamwork and much enjoyed their season. Though results did not always go their way there are enough very promising indicators to suggest that sustained success in 2015 is within their grasp as they step up to under 13 level.

The bowling is becoming both more penetrating and consistently straight and it was certainly a highlight of the season to watch the team’s bowlers troubling some very good players from St Fagans and Lisvane.

The batting continues to be the teams’ biggest weakness and it is hoped that this can be developed quickly so that some competitive totals can be posted in the new season. Knowing how and when to defend / attack are two different skills and the team regularly got muddled. That said, genuine timing and power is beginning to emerge from some players though, at indoor nets, the coaches watched interpretations of IPL wonder-shots with alarm. 20:20 cricket has brought some great things to the game, but it can be a challenge for a coach trying to teach a basic forward defensive.

The greatest development has been in the standard of the fielding which has been generally excellent. Some very fine catches were taken throughout the season and these produce enormous boosts to the team. Catches certainly win matches – and they also put a big smile on the face!