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Ground Report

A little like economists, if you ask sports ground consultants a question you will get as many different answers, as the number you ask. The question we asked was a simple one, how do we get more pace and carry on a consistent basis?  You will have guessed that we have had many and various options suggested, but in the end have decided to follow a soil exchange policy.

The killer statistic is that the top four inches of the square has 9% organic matter and it should be around 2%. This organic matter works like a mattress absorbing the force of the ball as it hits the deck. To remove this organic matter we employed contractors to take out closely spaced cores and replace them with pure loam from Essex. This process will continue to be followed every autumn until the organic matter is around the 2% mark.

Additionally the grass mix is in need of adjustment as it currently has too high a proportion of Annual Meadow Grass, a broad leaved variety which is invasive, but shallow rooting. We need to have a much deeper rooting mix and to achieve this we took the novel step of killing all the grass on half the tracks and re-seeding. To Tim Williams and my intense relief the new seed germinated and it’s hard to tell the difference between the newly seeded and the untouched.

We shall continue with these policies for the next three years and we are confident that we are on the right lines.