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Under 11s XI Report

David Gasgoyne

Cowbridge Under 11 Coach

Analysis of the season

The team had much more success than in the previous year, winning four league matches and losing two. We also beat Miskin in a friendly. Our successes on the pitch can be put down to much improved performances by the team.

A number of players showed excellent progress over the course of the season and also when compared with last year. It must be remembered also that our team was again a very young side, with typically only two or three under 11s in the

team, the remainder comprising four or five under 10s and two or three under 9s.

Even so, we cannot rest on our laurels. Our young people are thin on the ground, even more so as we lost a couple of players when one moved away and the other lost interest.


Our Under 11s side should be very strong in 2018. Of the best four or five players in 2017, only Owain Scholey was an under 11, so the remainder will still be available for the team. What's more, we have three keen and talented players who were under 9, but who all contributed enormously last season, namely Theo Walker, Will Johnson and Harvey Rees.

Of those who were in the Under 11 and Under 10 age bracket last year, we have put forward Finlay Hart, Zach Alikhan and Lloyd Murphy for county trials.


I would like to thank Jon Brazier for umpiring most of the games, even on those occasions when Carys, his granddaughter, was not playing. Andrew Walker was also a big help having been our scorer for most of the games. Thanks go also to Hugh Williams for his support and for preparing the pitches and to Sara Russell for her help in organising events, especially the winter training.

On the subject of “training”, I would be happy for us to have the school hall for a few more weeks, as the pre-season sessions are what make the biggest difference to how much success we enjoy in the summer.

Finally, I hope that we will take up Andrew Walker’s offer of having some input. I think that we could learn a lot from him and get some good ideas on how we go forward.