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The most fundamental alteration to the look of the ground took place in the latter part of 2018 when the permanent sight-screen and conifers at the Llwynhelig (by-pass) end of the ground were removed.

Additionally, a number of self-seeded sycamores and a large amount of bramble were removed to be replaced by a bund running from the squash courts to the sheds. A thousand hornbeam whips were planted on the bund to create a hedge that extends to the corner of the rugby pitch.

Even before the planting took place, there was general approval of what had been achieved. Within five years, it is hoped that the hornbeam will reach a height of 4m (15ft) and obscure the by-pass, proving a major environmental enhancement.

An additional benefit will be the opportunity to plant some specimen trees behind the new ornamental hedge. We anticipate establishing field elder, London plane, elm and lime trees to provide a lovely summer canopy. There is also a hedge behind the score box giving it some context rather like a frame on a picture.

For many, the tidying-up of the ground’s northern boundary has been the most important improvement. The whole area now looks cared for, even smart. From the players’ viewpoint, a great benefit has been the creation of the ‘Mound’ stand, an elevated level area resembling a golf tee. The Mound provides a wonderful panorama of the ground and will give players a place from where they can watch the game a little distant from the supporters whose priorities might be rather different from the incoming batsmen.

The intention is also to put white picket fencing around the ground’s entrance and pavilion car parks to replace the current post and rope which seem to be brushed and knocked regularly by cars. Using more traditional fencing will again serve to enhance the overall look and feel of the ground.

Hugh Williams, assisted by Jamie, worked hard on the pitches and outfield and the Club, players and spectators must be grateful for their efforts. As ever, there is a constant battle with Poa Annua, commonly known as annual meadow grass.

The entire square will require regular scarification in 2019 to help the finer bent and fescue grasses achieve dominance, extending their roots deep into the soil to promote the sound, healthy root structure that supports both pace and bounce.

Jeffrey Bird


Ground Report 2018

Grateful Thanks Go To….

The Club is delighted to record a most generous donation from Julian Ebsworth as a contribution towards the planting of new specimen trees along the northern boundary, between the ground and Cowbridge by-pass.

Julian hoped that there would be some variegated species and we have also Norway maple as well as a copper beech on the Mound.

We are delighted that Julian has helped again to maintain the bond between the Cricket Club and his family. Those who know their history will recall that Julian’s kinsman, Harry Ebsworth, was the creator of our wonderful ground.

Huge thanks go also to Martyn Bevan and his sister Debbie Thomas who have made a substantial donation towards the new scoreboard project in memory of their father, the great Cowbridge bowler, John Bevan. This donation is in addition to the splendid bench which now sits atop the Mound.

Newly planted specimen trees on the northern boundary

Norway maple (Acer platanoides).

The newly-created ‘Mound’ stand provides a panoramic view over the entire ground.